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Let’s be real, we all have cellphones nowadays; some are more obsessed with it than others (I am a slave to my iPhone) but it’s practically a necessity for everyone. One of my biggest (not so) secret obsessions is having cool iPhone cases. In my head, dressing yourself nicely is one of the most important things in life, so why wouldn’t the same apply to your phone? Rule #1: Dress your phone to impress
Having seen many different iPhone cases over the years, here are my current favourites:


Click on Image to purchase Recover White Marble iPhone case
     Recover -Marble Case


If you didn’t know already, I love anything that is marble and quartz. Whether it be black or white, marble is the way to go! Naturally, my obsession would manifest itself in my iPhone Case choices, and so my first fave is this White Marble Case by Recover! Simple and light, this iPhone case protects and makes your phone 100% Insta-worthy!


click on Image to purchase white iPhone case from Apple
   Apple –  Silicone case


iPhone Cases that make head turns is usually my go-to vibe, but sometimes low-key and classic are the better choice. This Silicone iPhone Case by Apple is super light, very durable, sleek and overall looks great. I would definitely recommend it to the young professional, or to someone who prefers something more low-key but nonetheless stunning.


Click on image to Purchase Black iPhone case by Lumee
Lumee Duo – Black iPhone Case

If you know me personally, you know I own this iPhone case and its one of my all-time favourites. I think I’ve bought 3 in the span of 10 months, and I am definitely obsessed! This particular model is the Lumee Duo, which is 20% slimmer than the original and comes with a light both in front and in back of phone. It will absolutely light up your selfies but can also provide great and warm lighting so you can Instagram that plate of food you’re about to eat! Loved by the likes of Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen , this one is a must-have.


Click image to purchase Kris Jenner iPhone case from the Kylie Shop
KylieShop-Kris Jenner Case

In case you haven’t noticed from my Facebook and Twitter, I’m a huge fan of the Kardashian/Jenner family, and there’s nothing that proves it more than some of my iPhone cases! Whether it be KIMOJI or Kylie Jenner Shop merchandise, it’s on my purchase list. Anyway, if I had to make a choice it would be this Kris Jenner middle finger iPhone case! It’s edgy, funny and is a new form of expression when words (and your middle finger) don’t suffice. Furthermore it’s very sleek and light. Definitely recommend!


Click image to purchase Givenchy Paris iPhone Case
Givenchy -Black Case

Shopping for labels is like looking for love;  there are so many great choices but only a few are a perfect fit. This black iPhone case by Givenchy Paris is fab and chic. The glossy black adds a perfect finish to this simplistic accessory. It may cost a little more, but it is definitely worth the investment! It’s low key in terms of design, but those who can recognize a good piece will know! I love it and you will too!


Click Image to purchase Apple Smart Batter Case
  Apple – Smart Battery Case

Have you ever felt out of energy and too tired to keep on going? Well, your phone feels just the same sometimes. This Apple Smart Battery iPhone Case is sleek and a lifesaver when you run out of battery and have no cable to charge it. Most battery cases are super thick and clunky, but this is not the case (no pun intended)  with this one! Also, if you get it in Red, a part of the proceeds go to a great cause. It’s a win-win situation!

Click image to purchase clear iPhone case
Tech21 – Clear Case

One thing I often was disappointed in with my iPhone was dishing out so much money for a beautiful gadget but not being able to see its design. This Clear iPhone Case remedies the situation by allowing you to see your iPhone case and truly admire its beauty! It also protects your case from any damage because it’s very resistant!


Click Image to Buy Moschino Toy Case

We all grow up, but sometimes we want to keep a part of us young on the inside. This iPhone case by MOSCHINO definitely allows you to do that. I’ve loved their tech accessories for the longest time, they’re always super creative, fun and most of all unique! The best of all is that they’re affordable considering they are designer. 100% Recommend!
And that’s all for the iPhone cases I’m currently obsessed with! Hopefully this list will inspire you and help you find a case that suits your needs! Remember just like fashion, iPhone cases are a way to express yourself and to add a personalized touch to your cellphone!
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