Looking to learn a bit more about me and my blog? Well, you’re in the right place! Full-Time Undergraduate student at university, foodie, music and fashion lover are just a few of the words that can be used to describe me. Bougey is  a creative outlet that allows me to share my opinions with my readers and allows my readers to come closer to the inner workings of my mind. But enough about what Bougey does for me, and how can it help you?


Have you ever been a bit confused or out of ideas on what to wear, what to listen to or even things to do? Hopefully my blog can fulfill that need for you! My goal is to share my lifestyle and fashion tips with you,  so you won’t ever have to feel confused again! Think of it as a window into my life that allows you to observe what I do, wear, eat, listen to and can serve as an inspiration for you to do the same.


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Yours Truly,


Spiro, a.k.a Bougey Boy

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