5 Spring Wardrobe Essentials


Hey Bougey boys and babes, and welcome back to my blog!



I know I haven’t posted in a while, but 2018 has arrived (well, it’s been a couple months) and there’s no better way to kick off the year than in style! With spring right around the corner and the weather beginning to get better (wishful thinking?) many of us are stuck looking for ways to spice up our wardrobes just in time for the new season.


And so, I’ve compiled a list of my 10 must-have pieces that are simple, affordable and yet unique and edgy in their own way!





Present in everyone’s wardrobe, sweatpants were once seen as something we’d wear when we were lazy to find an outfit or were going nowhere important; they were LAZY. However , this is no longer the case with sweatpants making appearances on the runway and being sported by our favourite celebrities. Personally i like to wear them slightly rolled up right over the waist (combined with boots to really give them that cuffed, oversized look).







I’m all for puffy jackets that keep you warm, but with Spring coming in, winter and jackets are a thing of the past! We can finally embrace the warmth, but to make sure none of us get a cold, I’ve found the perfect balance: The puffer vest. Light, warm and just as stylish as its winter counterpart, vests are the perfect spring outerwear. Wear them with tight clothing to make their puffiness stand out even more!







Somebody call 911, because I’m going into fashion cardiac arrest. I never EVER would’ve though I would fall in love with camo pants, but I guess I proved myself wrong.  A sometimes tacky pattern, camo is no such thing when worn right. Personally I like seeing them in oversized pants or jakcets (I think that’s my fav thing right now in case you haven’t noticed) and I really prefer black or beige camo!








Yeezy may have jumped the jump-man, but he also made grandpa sneakers relevant again. From the clearance aisle at Walmart to the runway, the chunky sneaker is your best friend for the Spring of 2018. Whether it be Yeezy, Balenciaga or Fila pair this shoe with a nice pairs of skinny jeans or a pair of oversize sweatpants and show them off!







To follow my spring trend, my final wardrobe basic is the Oversized Hoodie and the Oversized T-Shirt. What I love about this is the variety on the market! There are so many colors, patterns, and cuts which will allow you to be trendy while still putting your personal twist on your outfit. Whether it be a walk to the park or a dinner, a warm day or a chilly evening you will never be let-down. Currently I love to wear my t-shirts partially tucked in to give emphasis on my pants, and love my hoodies cuffed at the waist and not too long.






To finish off, I hope this list has helped you orient yourself a bit better, but remember! Fashion is unique but style is personal! always make sure to put your own twist on everything you wear in order to better differentiate yourself and stand out (in a good way)



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